The physical body has limitations, but the Mind is Limitless.

Without the Mind we cannot access the Brain.

Without the Brain we have no Mind.

Without constant activity between the two, we have no growth, we lack awareness, we are disconnected and I’m not even talking about our relationship between us and other people, I am talking about the relationship we build with ourselves.

The relationship between the Brain and the Mind requires the involvement of our internal circuitry, our physical body.  The Brain creates the internal connections we understand as feelings.  Feelings are created to flow from within us, this creates a listening environment and a listening environment creates a silent internal environment  so that we can Respond to what we are learning from the language of our feelings.

Fitness is about training Response.

Response is the ultimate level of health and fitness, because it requires a strong and confident relationship with yourself.  Do not confuse Response with the desire to create Reactions.  Reaction, in so many ways is an outside job.  It is how you allow your external environment to clash with your lack of internal awareness.  People today also use manipulation to cause Reactions from other for their own desired agendas, People and Marketing.  Both toxic, both avoidable, both artificial.  Train yourself to Respond and you will have your antidote against these poisons and the best part is, once you’ve nurtured your ability to Respond, you’ll naturally respond in the manner necessary for dealing with elements of an agenda driven nature.

Mozart said that the music is not about the notes, but the silence between the notes.  I always think about this when I’m dealing with people, work and my own physical fitness.  I find my balance in relationships during the silences and it is the moments of silences which always speaks unmitigated truth.  I find my strength in physical fitness during the silent moments between the sets and workouts.  It is in the moments of silence that I listen to what my limits are and from those limits I can understand how to much further I can push myself or if I need to take a break.  You are your best friend, your body wants what is best for itself.  Your body is created to take care of yourself, listen.

When I teach, I try my best to access people’s Mind’s in manners which allow them to think for themselves, I try to offer perspective, like color.  None of us see the same color the same way, we all have a unique way of seeing everything, so I try to find my unique manner of discussing “color”, starting from the basis of something familiar, so that I can bring people into something new and different.  Doing this allows my students to create their own understandings when they leave my classes and really go to work in their silence.

In life I’ve learned the most about friendships and relationships in silence too.  We all need Personal Time, but you will find that those who can’t understand this and do not respect this are either children who are in the process of learning this, people who have an agenda and need a constant feedback for how they’re feeling out the methods of their tactics or those who are just really, really lost and for some reason, think you are the person who will find them their way.  The way people react to your need for silence will tell you everything you were feeling and finally, needed to know.

In Life, In Fitness, In Relationships, there’s one universal language which balances all and its all about Flow.

Flow requires Balance.

Balance comes from training Response as a result of your internal relationship between your Mind and your Brain, Listening.

Listening flows from Feeling.

What you Feel and what you Hear comes from the clarity of your Silent State.

Those who deliberately maneuver to disrupt your Silent State are creating noise to satisfy the clutter of their agendas.

Keep your Silent State clear so you can listen to what should actually be heard.

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