The power of response comes from our natural ability to feel.

Real, honest, organic Feelings flow from within.

You can’t make flow happen, flow finds you when you are in a balanced internal state.  Balance requires the ability to listen.  Listening is what creates an internally silent environment.  Silence is a blend of peace and quiet which allows you to adapt to the external environment which surrounds your body’s physical environment.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Art of Response.

I will try and take this one step at a time so that beginners can grasp what it is they are trying to understand with their study of Tai Chi and also help those of us who have been in a life long study of this intriguingly complex art of simplicity and basics.

What is Tai Chi Chuan?  Take your own time to just think about this and also think about where your mind takes you.  This question might entirely, pull you away from what you think Tai Chi Chuan is, but that’s ok, because Tai Chi Chuan is about so much more than just Tai Chi Chuan and the only way to understand it, is to allow your mind to explore wherever it is it happens to flow to.  Tai Chi Chuan is all about flow, so go with it and take as much time as you need to swim through the feeling of your thoughts.

Tai Chi Chuan trains Response

When we move through the Tai Chi form our movements are a direct Response to the environment which surrounds our physical body.  Our physical body is made up of an intricate internal system all wired to create this thing called feeling we all know something about, but can’t always understand.  What is it that we feel when we practice the Tai Chi Chuan form?  What we are feeling, sensing and responding to, is gravity and air.  How do we respond to air?  Our Response to the air which surrounds us is an inside job which we reference as internal energy flow.  Internal Energy Flow is the feeling which flows from within us and this feeling, because of our response to Gravity comes from our root.  Tai Chi is not done on the surface, it is performed through making connections.  The connection we make when performing movement is always a Response to our natural environment of gravity and air.  Gravity gives us a point of reference and we are meant to flow through the air.

The movements of Tai Chi Chuan are all about how we are Responding to the nature of the environment we are surrounded by.  I deliberately chose the wording “nature of the environment” because modern society has become more about creating artificial environments for the purpose of pulling you out of Response and causing their intended Reactions.  Reactions are Toxic to our Internal Systems designed for Response and this is how the magic of Marketing and Agenda Driven Individuals disrupts our Emotional Content and pulls us away from our Organically Responsive Systems.

Everything in Nature Responds and Response happens in your own natural timing.

Did you know you actually practice Tai Chi everyday?  It’s done when you do this thing called walking.

Walking is not about the leg that is moving which creates movement.  The momentum of walking is created from the rooted leg which Responds to the ground beneath you.  It is the planted leg, the rooted leg which, because of gravity helps you sense the kind of surface you are on.  Once the rooted leg senses what it has encountered, this is where your movement comes from.  The body Responds to your surrounding environment, creating the necessary internal adaptations for your intended movements.

Response is how our bodies maintain Balance.

You can’t have Health without the ability to stay Balanced.

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