Its all about being in sync, this is what Tai Chi Chuan is really about.

Response is power and it cannot happen without the ability to slow things down so that you can become in-tune within the environment of your own physical body and then respond to the elements of the physical environment which surrounds you.

Moving slowly and slowing down are two entirely separate things.

Moving slowly is not about responsively adapting to the environment around you, in fact, it is the opposite.  It is about defiantly ignoring the environment around you and imposing your own desired pace, your own imposing energy, your own agenda without consideration for anything else around you.  It has more to do with how unaware you are making yourself,  with the purpose of just imposing, not flowing.  Instead of embodying you are inflicting.  Instead of listening, you are telling.  Instead of listening to what you hear, you are speaking to make it appear as though you are in a listening state.  Moving slowly is more of a contradiction of what the idea of slowing down actually is.

Slowing down is about calming the Mind.  It’s about Presence and Presence is all about existing in a Listening State.  Your ability to access your Listening State is what establishes your Silent, Internal State.  This creates Responsive Energy.  Responsive Energy Flows and follows the healthy condition of Your Natural Breath.

Your Natural Breath is the key to how your feelings flow.  You cannot intentionally hold your breath to breathe more slowly than what your body needs to feel balanced and you cannot intentionally push and pull your breath in and out to breathe faster to balance the feeling of your body.  Your body breathes to balance its healthy condition and it is our Natural Breath which lubricates the fluidity of flow which we can then translate into the movements of our Tai Chi form.

Moving Slowly is the anti-flow.

Slowing down is the synthesis by which we create a responsive environment within ourselves to created our own unique Internal Energy Flow.

One Comment on “No matter how slowly you are physically moving, you are rushing if your movement doesn’t flow from the dialect of coordination, as a result to the response of the environment around you. Tai Chi Chuan isn’t about moving slowly, it’s about slowing down so that you can listen, in order to respond. Instead of reacting with slow movement to look like you are responding to the environment around you.

  1. A nice article to help the student understand some of the profound principles of taijiquan. I look forward to giving them a copy of your article. With intent Sifu Rick Clark

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