We need to eat Organic, because we are Organic.  It’s just that simple.

Organic is more than just what we choose to put in our mouths, it’s also about the kind of people we surround ourselves with, what we choose to put on our skin, it’s about how well rounded we keep ourselves, it’s about our balanced state.

Organic is about maintaining Balance and Balance is achieved through the elimination of toxins, ALL TOXINS.

Let’s start with the basics we all think about when it comes to Nourishing Ourselves, Organically.

Fats, Carbs, Calories are what make-up Organic Foods.  Avoiding any of these is what causes health problems.  Avoiding any of these is what causes OBESITY. If you eat foods that DO NOT require labels, you DO NOT need to read labels.  It’s that simple.  Labels are placed on items created for human consumption that are PROCESSED.  Processed foods, even if they are packaged to look like health foods are not the healthiest foods.  The healthiest foods you can eat come out of your kitchen.  The only way to DETOX is to eat Real Foods.  Detoxes that cause the body to “freak-out” by extreme measures cause more harm than health benefits and stressing your body out with extreme cleanses can also cause extreme mood swings.  The next time you are experiencing emotional issues you might want to take a look at how you are eating and if you are trying to loose weight by tricking your body’s need for nutrition by eating foods labeled low-calorie or fat-free, you should take a look at the chemicals and sugars making up what you are consuming and understand that Foods naturally come with the necessary balance of Calories/Fat/Carbs, because this is what all Organic Food is a combination of.  The more ingredients on the label, the Less Organic and Less Natural your food is.  When was the last time you saw labeling on an Apple?  Remember, Organic also means that any processing should only happen in your own kitchen.

Absorption.  Out bodies are designed to Absorb everything, because in an Organic Environment, everything your body is exposed to is Nutritional Information.  The sun, temperature, sounds and smells are all things your body is constantly “listening” to, so that you can comfortably Adapt to your environment.  The energy of the people around you, everything that touches your skin, the smells and sounds are all absorbed.  So, maintaining your Organic intake is about much more than what you just put in your mouth.

Our bodies Naturally and Organically take in everything as nutrition and then speak to us in the dialect of feelings.  This is why when something doesn’t “FEEL” right, you need to listen.  I’ve made the mistake many a time where I didn’t listen to my “FEELS” in the right way and allowed the noise of not just my mind, but the elements outside of myself to influence the truth I’ve felt, but until you learn the lesson your body is trying to make you listen to, you will never stop having that uncomfortable kind of feeling.

Tai Chi Chuan as well as other forms of traditional arts aren’t meant for physical fitness, it is about Internal Fitness.  Internal Fitness is well rounded Fitness, because health begins and ends with what is happening inside.  It is the Western Ideal of Manufacturing Outward Appeal which has glorified the Externalization of Character, rendering most Character-less.  Without Content, which is all, ALWAYS, Internal, you have no Character.

It’s a strange thing to have to define fitness as more than just an external thing, because fitness can’t truly be achieved without the essence of depth.  Depth can only be developed from within and while so many of us are so concerned with just the labeling of “Organic” on our foods, we need to be aware of those who are also by their own nature, have created themselves to be “Inorganic” or what might be better referenced as “Conventional” today.  Anybody who is trying to cause a reaction from you is Inorganic.  Those of an Organic nature will always flow with you, even where the will be differences.

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Focused.  Keep it Organic.  This is how you stay Balanced.

Eliminate all Toxins and this includes the Human Kinds too.

2 Comments on “We are designed to Absorb everything from the environment around us, this is how our bodies Nourish themselves. This is how Nature created us. Absorption is what helps us access our Present State. Our Present State is what allows us to Adapt. Adaptation is strength and is only possible when we are well Nourished and therefore, Balanced. What are you Absorbing and how Nourished are you? Ultimately, Organic is about your Naturally Balanced State, not just the Labeling of your Foods.

  1. Okay I got a couple questions about Tai Chi. And to be honest I struggle to find anyone that can give me the answers that I’m looking for so anyway I’ve been following your blog for a while and I have your DVD and I guess like 15 years ago I did some of your dad style Tai Chi and then that person moved out of the state. I have a chance to do tai chi again so a couple of my questions kind of run the follow… and when I asked you is by no means am I trying to be offencive.

    Number one. Let’s get the horrible one out of the way first, why are so many people in tai-chi so weird. I be honest I love the idea of doing tai chi I have done Aikido I’ve done Systema I’ve done Judo. You know I watch people do tai chi and I think that looks so incredible so peaceful so tranquil it looks like a great way to work on coordination a great ways to calm my mind. But sometimes it seems like a lot of people in Tai Chi are just really weird. Number to be honest at this point I’m not looking for another martial art for self-defense but there are moments where I can figure out how does Tai Chi fit into all that? So the reason I’m asking you it’s one you always seemed like some that’s open the questions, and the other reason is you were a full contact fighter… So I thought you might have some insight into where does Tai Chi fit into everything. Again I hope I’m not being offencive by asking these questions. But there’s some the ones that are staying that way of me diving in the Tai Chi and… I think Tai Chi maybe one of the things I need in my life.

    Sincerely, Doug

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    • I love these questions!!! I think they’d be better answered in my next blog today! I may answer them in a series of blogs instead of just one. I’ll see how my answers end up flowing. Thank You for your inquiries, they are an important part of the learning process for all of us, especially me. There is nothing at all offensive about being inquisitively curious, especially in a day and age where people have made the martial arts a bit ridiculous.


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