I get a lot of questions in and occasionally I like to answer them in my blog entries, because I find some questions to be fun for all of us to read the answer to.

“Why are Tai Chi people so weird?”

This is not an isolated question, it is something I have asked both my parents throughout the years and it is a comment I often make with a great deal of love behind it.  Guess what, I am about as weird as they come and dad is even weirder.  Don’t believe me, just ask mom.

We are all weird, the more “normal” someone appears, is usually a mask.

In the modern world, now saturated with Social Media we have become obsessed with surface appeal.  Surface appeal, where so many try to be “different” for  the sake of getting attention in the same ways they feel they have observed others getting the attention they want.  Please note, I deliberate used the word attention, not respect.  So many are shouting to have a voice, looking for anything to get loud about.  So many are looking for ways to speak up, but instead, speak over.  So many are competitive, so anything that happens to someone else, automatically becomes something that has happened to them too.  Everyone is in this fight to gain attention, but in the same kind of shallow ways, instead of learning to search deeper within themselves.  People want status, but have ZERO character.  People want respect, but behave disrespectfully.  People want, but they look to others who they feel they can get to give to them.  People manipulate others instead of honestly work on themselves and when you refuse to play their game, they gas-light.  This is the generation of the degenerative.

Tai Chi people are weird and you know what? I absolutely love weird.  Now, I love weird, not creepy.  There is a hue difference between the two and I have experienced both from the more subtle to the craziest, most far reaching ends of the spectrum too.

What it all boils down to, is what is weird to you?

There are a lot of kinds of weird, even within the Tai Chi kind of weird.  I have also lived an incredibly diverse life where I have seen the classic “Tai Chi” Weird in the fashion scene, art scene, NYC night scene and the hollywood scene.  Weird isn’t only a Tai Chi thing, weird is an originality thing and I find that “Tai Chi” weird has more to do with an incredible amount of self acceptance of your own individuality and desire to work on your own self, free of the worry of judgment of others and sometimes, totally spaced out in the limitlessness of our incredible minds. Weird is also a matter of perspective and sometimes when you find something to be weird or someone to be weird I believe it to be life teaching you understanding, acceptance, tolerance and most of all the lesson that maybe it’s you who is the odd one in the crowd.  Weird is a unique kind of beauty, but its not always a language we understand, so I also feel that weird is also a lesson about tolerance and respect, the more you can learn to understand the more well rounded you become.

Weird, to me is a lesson life has presented me with.  I can choose to engage to learn about what I do not have enough knowledge to comprehensively make sense of, or I can stay a stranger and close myself off from acquiring the knowledge necessary to making the weird, un-weird.  It is totally ok to decide to leave certain kinds of weird alone, not all of life’s lessons are meant for us to engage in.  Sometimes the lessons are about knowing what your limits are and where you need to set boundaries.

Tai Chi weird does seem to sometimes over shadow Tai Chi Chuan at times and I have been one of those who has commented on this throughout my life to both mom and dad.  Mom regularly says that dad and I are both the same kind weird.  Dad and I have the ability to speak this same language that people do not always understand, oddly enough, I am the translator for what he often times says, in english, but in a way far too advanced and sometimes just too weird for some people to comprehend.  I’m like his cliff notes, I make what he says less weird, or perhaps, I just simplify.  What is unique about dad and myself, is that we seem to have the ability to speak to peoples general understanding of feeling and we have absolutely zero bashfulness in the manner in which we communicate, while we do pay close attention to being respectful at all times (I haven’t always been so good at this part, but I am forever learning).

Tai Chi practitioners and their sometimes weird manner I feel has to do more with their ability to accept who they are without any concern for having to mask who they are.

They aren’t afraid of their own individuality and this causes them to sometimes lack what society would observe to be as decorum.  The ability to accept who you are, instead of hide who you are requires a kind of strength of character, while some can go overboard when they become seduced by the attention they feel it brings them, it also alienates others too.  Tai Chi Weird is also about constantly learning and self discovery and there is no state more open to learning and absorbing than the childlike state.  No matter what kind of bodies we grow into, some of us are stuck in a childlike state that hasn’t yet matured.  There is a very big difference between childlike curiosity and staying stuck as a child, this where I find a lot of Tai Chi Weird comes from.  It’s a lack of a kind of development which causes an incongruent kind of “feeling” or “energy”, which is actually what I have also observed to be odd state of the Millennial Generation, including my own Generation of the Man-Child/Woman-Child.  40 year olds who lack a kind of development where they are stuck in the mind of a child, while being in the body of an adult, behaving entitled and demanding.  Although they are stuck in the mind of a child, they have the life experience of an adult and use the combination to play games and gossip, feigning friendships for the soul purpose of self gain and throwing tantrums when you don’t fall into their traps.  All the time keeping a relatively deceptive, front, but if you listen and observe closely, you will eventually see the truth in their game.  At least the Tai Chi people come in raw and real, no matter how weird they may seem.

Be careful of the “normal” ones, they are usually the ones with the most to hide, they will camouflage their intent with repeated insults done with a smile and always throw you into bad lighting while complimenting you on how great you look, the worse they can manage to get you to look.

To the person who asked this in part of their question, I’m also wondering, what is about Tai Chi people that comes across weird to you specifically.  I’m curious to know, because I can only answer from my perspective, I need a little bit more insight into how you interpret “weird”, cause as I’ve been answering your question, from my perspective, I’ve been stopping, laughing and shaking my head about how incredibly weird I know myself to be and thinking how you couldn’t have asked a weirder person than myself about Tai Chi weird.

I really do adore you for asking this, xoxo

2 Comments on “Question: “Why are so many people in Tai Chi so weird?”

  1. I really enjoyed this article; thank you for writing it! I also love how weird tai chi people are. I hadn’t connected the dots between the constant learning and self-discovery within the art form and the particular “flavor” of tai chi weirdness that comes with authenticity and personal integrity.

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