Tai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Pilates and all the other Internal Arts are about Internal Cleansing, Healing, Refueling and Understanding Yourself better than you did yesterday, so that you can always achieve your own personal best everyday.

Fitness is an Inside Job and as much as the Fitness industry puts the focus on the Outside Appeal, you are never gonna feel good enough about yourself until you actually work on yourself.  You are only actively working on yourself if you really do good feel about yourself day to day and if you keep the focus on what it is you are doing to improve the quality of your life, by improving the quality of who you are, daily.

Your life is your own inside job.  It is not about how you constantly compare yourself with others, it’s about how you, compare with you, on a day to day basis.  It’s about how you mind your own business and about how you respectfully DO NOT constantly mind the business of others.  Its about that third eye which is your mind’s eye and the phrase “Mind your own Business”, that’s talking to those of you who haven’t opened your third eye and are instead pulling yourself away from you and into the desire of, trying and taking as much as you can from others.

In Modern Society we have so many people who suffer from the Energy Influenza, a sickness of your Energy, because of the Energy you receive from others.  In this modern society which has become a breeding ground for the Narcissist, Sociopath, Liar and Grown Child Syndrome where everything is about what others can manipulate from others, there has become an overdevelopment of the Mind Game which requires the necessity of the Mind Gym.

When your Energy is Healthy, the Mind is clear and you Feel Good.

When your Energy is Unhealthy, the Mind is foggy and you Don’t Feel Good.

Health is an inside job, but People have become Viruses too.

When you aren’t feeling good, it’s not really about the weather or anything else having to do with your physical environment,  cause when you are feeling really good, can much of anything bring you down, let alone an uncontrollable factor like the weather? You might have an Energy Influenza and the best way to cure an Energy Influenza is to get your energy back to its Healthy Flow.

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