The classifications of Internal vs. External never ever really made sense to me, cause, at the end of the day the comparisons of Internal vs. External has always only ever been a comparison between the Expert vs. the Amateur.

Here’s where my complications arise… We are all always Amateurs and we are all always becoming Experts in different ways, about the same things and about new things.  The true secret to becoming an Expert is about staying an Amateur, no matter what you think you may have achieved, you’ve achieved nothing if you haven’t learned the necessity for constantly reminding yourself that you are always an Amateur.  The only thing you can ever become an Expert about is knowing how little you do know, compared to the world of learning and the Genius of everyone is only that we are all Fascinatingly Unique, but you have to come from the birthplace of ingenuity and that all begins with really just, Being You.

Everything is about achieving that knowing feeling, the essence of understanding which comes from deep within, feeling.  What comes out of the internalization of anything is purity and honesty.  It’s as though our body’s are the filtering system for all the social impurities we are exposed to, we are our own Brita Filters, but now we also have to fine tune our senses, through experiences, to filter out the Fluoride too, because Fluoride, like most people, we think are good for us, we end up finding out are actually bad for us.  Really, really bad for us.  How we interpret being internal can be incredibly subjective, like those who walk around with an air of superiority and yes I am speaking specifically to some of you at the school, just because you study with Dad, doesn’t make you an instant Buddha Boy and just because you enter into dialogue with Dad, doesn’t mean you are communicating on the same level as he has achieved and to check yourself with this, I urge you to check your reflection in his expression when you say something you are completely proud of yourself for formulating, instead of speaking for the gift of learning, you speak for the gain of attention.  Listen to feel if dad engages with you, or if he disconnects and naturally turns to speak to those who feel him.  It is a very curious show you can learn from.  One more thing, stop trying to be Buddha Boys and just be you, you’ll discover how interesting everything is once you discover how interesting really being you can be.

I have been my father’s daughter my whole entire life, what do I mean by this?  Aside from looking like him, I have had the opportunity to grow up with having him as my mirror too.  I distinctly remember enjoying my reflection when I would look at my father and he would smile at me and I also distinctly remember questioning myself when my dad wouldn’t seem to look back at me when I would check my reflection in his expression.  His look would tell me everything I needed to know about what I wasn’t doing right and I didn’t need him to tell me how I was wrong, that was my own job, my inside job.  All of this spoken in the reflection of his expression, when I would check the quality of my character in the mirror of his gaze.

You can’t fake your reflection, no matter how you change your appearance, because who you are will always be Internal.

Everything in it’s truth is internal.  We know the truth by how it feels.  We know a lie by how it feels.  Everything is about feeling and feeling comes from inside.  It’s how the unspoken is spoken, because really, how well do we even really know the meanings of the words used, even that is subject to the individual life experiences of the person using them.  Actions give words their meaning and we define the intentions of our Actions from how we feel inside.  Sometimes words just confuse what the true nature of the feeling is, this is why The Internal Arts are so precious and important, they are truly a mechanism for self preservation, by using you and your gut feelings to keep you safe and protect you from the agendas of others.  Tai Chi Chuan makes you, better friends with yourself.

The External seems to be more of a modern day invention of the need to define and understand everything, even what we are not meant to.  It’s the overuse and abuse of words, the design of marketing and the agenda of propaganda. The birthplace of The External is an invention of the Mind which then becomes a manipulation of the Brain and it’s chemistry.  We have invented this mechanism for the creation of the know it all, displacing and confusing feelings with the over stimulation of the Cerebral Cortex, too many words performed for the sake of performance, instead of living through the honesty of feeling and flowing with the natural way.  Feeling stimulates thinking and drives actions, this is the natural way.  The overstimulation of the Cerebral Cortex doesn’t create us as thinking animals, it has instead created the mental retardation of the Ego and the idea that the only way to be better is to Externalize your idea of Self Importance with an air of Arrogance, or, to put it more simply, Just Acting Stupid.

Let me correct something by saying, not all External Approaches are about Just Acting Stupid.  Those who, Just Act Stupid, are the type who approach everything in life with narcissistic, self-inflated, competitive agendas.

The External Approach is also about the beginning of discovering something new.  The learning process is about turning the External into the Internal, because without the substance of the Internal, the External has no value.

The External is just an Illusion.  Substance always has and always will be the content of The Internal.

I don’t listen to words, I listen to feeling.

How do you practice Tai Chi?

Are you Listening?


Are you Performing?

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