Tiffany Chen DVD Intro

Tiffany Chen Kickboxing DVD

My father is Living Legend, Tai Chi Chuan, Great-Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.  Makes me feel like that should kinda make me a Super Hero by birth right at the very least, wouldn’t it make you feel the same?

I grew up saturated by Martial Arts and our family activities were watching fights and going to Martial Arts Tournaments.

When people ask me if I have Martial Arts Experience in Auditions, I say, “I am Martial Arts”, what else could I be when William C.C. Chen is my father.

Trips were about traveling from tournament to tournament, these were tournaments dad would make special appearances at.  They would also become a lifetime stage for me, as William C.C. Chen’s Daughter, to prove what our family taught, worked.

The Tournament Stage and the Boxing Ring would become the Stages my Life I would be molded from.

You learn about how to deal with pressure, you learn the need to not only develop your body and skills, but your mind too.

Without a sharp, strong mind, the body goes to waste.

You learn and develop in so many ways that only competition can bring out.

Our Greatest Powers Lie in that, We are Water in Human Forms.

The struggles of competitive life often paralleled so many life lessons, ranging from love, friendship, deceit, grief and loss.  The great part is, somehow, the common solution is always a brilliant recovery and a reflection of what a beautiful journey all of life’s lessons are.

You evolve into a kind of human that only living a life of competitive full contact sports and its nonstop challenges can bring out.  It’s a kind of Human Enhancement to live these Lessons.

I did begin my competitive athletic career as a Figure Skater at NYC’s Sky Rink.  My photo used to hang over the West Side Highway as an advertisement for the rink and that same photo is still in the elevator that takes you up to the rink’s level.

My Martial Arts Amateur Career would lead me to earn over 40 Gold Medals, a few World Championships and the opportunity to fight at Madison Square Garden in the finals of the New York Daily News, Golden Gloves Tournament.

I have been inducted twice into Inside Kung Fu’s Hall of Fame as Competitor of the Year and then as Woman of the Year. For more on my accomplishments, please click here.

I have turned my lifetime experiences of training into The Tai Chi Method, which I teach through our family school in Manhattan, William C.C. Chen Tai Chi Chuan.

My extensive amateur career also lead to the development of several Tai Chi and Fitness videos.  Two I am very proud of were produced by RLJ Entertainment’s, Acacia Media. Step by Step Tai Chi Chuan  and my Kickboxing Workout.