Where do most injuries come from? How is Tai Chi Chuan the solution.

Did you ever stop and think about where injuries come from?

All injuries stem from a lack of awareness.  Because, if we were aware of what caused the injury, we would have avoided what caused the injury.

Now what causes far too many injuries lately is the emphasis placed on outward awareness and a kind of competitive nosiness which is about how to look like the person, we, in our minds thinks is “better” than our own self.  You know the solution to this problem? Mind your own business. Plain and simple.

Your body is your own work, the same way everybody’s own body, is their own work.

Injuries today fall into the category of the need to show off which has nothing to do with fitness, exercise or being healthier.  Today’s western idea of fitness is almost entirely cosmetic.

Actual health and fitness is Mind/Body/Soul balance, which extends beyond being able to say “Namaste”, holding your hands in prayer and bowing.  It’s an internal thing and so many lose the internal by becoming obsessed with who they want to look like, instead of being concerned with who they are meant to become.

Tai Chi Chuan is completely internal.  So much so that only very few can understand it as a young child.  A child isn’t really meant to understand Tai Chi Chuan, because a child is in the learning process of how to feel what they feel and why.

So, I grew up watching this stuff, right?  Everyone thinks I started before I could walk or talk and I’ve heard absolutely absurd stories from children of other Tai Chi masters talk about how they climbed mountains when they were 4 year olds to learn from their father.  I didn’t start physically doing Tai Chi until I was 14 and I had no idea what the hell it was that I was doing when I was doing it.  It was such a foreign way of practicing something physical.  It was also a depth of feeling I just didn’t have the life experience to understand as a teen.  The years passed by and I stuck with my training only because my dad could sense the need for me to be more physical and he nourished that need by throwing me in the Push-Hands class, later I started full contact.

What Tai Chi Chuan does, that no other art does is that it teaches you about you and almost forces you to learn yourself better, because there is no way any pose in Tai Chi Chuan looks like something you can hold better than the next person.  The Tai Chi Chuan form blossoms purely from your state of feeling and the more you look outside yourself, the more lost you get.  You literally do have to focus on the movements and the feeling those movements originate from, or you are just lost, looking around at everyone who is internally focused, feeling more lost because you are not connected with your own inner-self.

Working out does not create or cause injuries, the inability to mind your own business, respect and listen to your own limits are the foundations for most fitness related injuries, which incidentally, Tai Chi Chuan, regularly and with more popularity gets prescribed for rehabbing and strengthening.

Most of us have absolutely no idea how good our bodies are designed to feel.


With this Fitness Generation in America still being in its infancy, the age of injuries has also become a new industry, especially in this Americanized idea of how it’s “cool” to walk around all wrapped up and taped up because everyone is trying to be the next superstar athlete, especially those who can’t even demonstrate proper technique and yes, many of these people are actual trainers.

Everyone’s a trainer and everyones a fighter and almost everyone thinks that being an athlete is bringing attention to injuries.  Sometimes I know the injury is bullshit, the person “injured” just bought some kind of tape they learned how to use and you can see they wear their “tape” the way I used to wear eyeliner, in my 20’s, in the club.  Some people are so athletically inexperienced they just wrap and tape themselves up for any kind of pain, not realizing there is a difference between good pain and bad pain.  It’s almost as though they want to identify any kind of physical pain as way of getting into the “athletes only” club.

We are all athletes and all of us have bodies that are designed to look great and feel great.

I am not supposed to look like you and you aren’t supposed to look like me.  You are you and I am me.  We are meant to learn our own selves and how we feel is directly reflected in how we look.

The boom of fitness has lead to a boom in injuries, not because we have become more active, but because we have become more physical, mentally.  What do I mean by this?

First of all, social media has not just brought attention to physical fitness, it has made physical fitness something that is only physical.  Many are consumed with how they want to look and how they want to look is rarely influenced by who they feel they are, but who they want to look like.  Fitness is internal work, not a kind of plastic surgery.

You are meant to look like you, in the body that feels good when it’s eating healthy, sleeping healthy, exercising healthy and surrounding yourself with people who nourish your kind of energy.  Yes, people are part of your mental and physical nourishment too.

Be You

This is all you need to learn and understand to be healthy.

Forget about the pictures on Social Media.

Forget about how marketing tries to sell you on less fat and more muscle.  You are meant to have the balance that you are meant to have.  You aren’t meant to look like the model in fitness magazines and just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you are less healthy than you need to be.

At my most fit I have never had a six pack and I was always a little soft in places, that’s just how my body is meant to be, but as a young girl it was hard to feel good about myself when your family members constantly ridicule your body type, because my thighs were always too big, or my belly wasn’t flat.  At my age now, I don’t care about anything more than how I feel and I’ve never felt better or more in control of my body.

Structure a lifestyle that makes you feel good.

Your body was designed to heal itself, to always maintain balance, to feel incredible.

Make sure the people in your life help you maintain your internal balance too… Energy is such a powerful thing, it effects you even when you are free of the other’s presence.

Choose the Presence of those make their Presence a constant Present to you.

Presence is the only Present that keeps on Giving.

Are you surrounding yourself with those who enrich the Present of Presence?

Age is just a number and I am terrible with numbers, but planning Dad’s 85th Birthday is a constant reminder of how Numbers are still Numbers even though I look at my father and he still seems 40 something to me, until he moves and then I think he’s just in his 20’s, again…


I have never been very good with numbers.

I know, I’m Asian and I’m supposed to be good at both math and science, but I firmly believe I was put on this planet dispel all stereotypes about Asians, especially scholastically.

My name is Tiffany Chen and I am an athlete and what I am most proud of, I am the daughter of two incredible people.  I constantly learn about respect, relationships and love from watching two imperfect people grow more perfect together over time.  I learned from their examples and was always encouraged to question what I didn’t understand, even if it was something I saw my parents do.  This is very un-Asian, but this is just another something that made my very un-Asian upbringing a more well rounded and evolved way of life.  My father always encouraged the asking of questions as did my mother.  There is such a beautiful manner between being genuinely inquisitive, curious and in search of understanding, it just makes life more interesting and keeps you very involved in the whole and constant evolutionary process.  Cause, if you aren’t constantly evolving, you’re dead inside and nobody enjoys being around those who know-it-all’s, but know nothing at all kinds of people. These kinds of people seem to mask their own inner insecurities by being nasty, moody and just the most unsophisticated, unsettling, draining, hysterical, psychotics to be around.  What’s strange is that you can sense that these kinds of people trying to use their Psychological Roller-Coaster Rides or Psychological Psychotics, to actually “Control” those who are not of the same ill-mannered temperament.  It is exhausting to be around and it is unacceptable behavior for any adult to be so ill-intentioned and toxic.  I never knew how prevalent these kinds of people are until I started to make friends, date and experience the outside world.

On the one hand, I am so incredibly lucky to have the parents I do.

On the other, I really have had to learn the hard way, about how deceitfully grotesque people can willingly behave towards someone they have told “I love you” too.  If there is one thing I have been all to lucky to learn from my parents its how to love the right way.  There really is only one way to love right and it feels nourishing, vibrant and filled with goodness in a way you never thought possible.  Nobody could ever want to hurt the ones they love.  Causing hurt, causing pain, causing conflict is the anti-love and whatever that is, I don’t care to know well enough to define, beyond knowing that it is just evil and I don’t need to experience anymore evil people in my life.

Mom and Dad didn’t always agree on everything, but they discussed their differences and always intelligently weighed the options, even allowing me to participate as I got older.  They would ask my opinion, before I fully even understood what it was to have an opinion and I can’t thank them enough for teaching me the value of listening and respecting everyones opinion.  Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make someone wrong and just because you do agree doesn’t mean you are making the best decision.  We only understand from the levels of own perspective, uniquely groomed through our own individual life experiences.  I always admired and still admire how intelligently my parents articulate themselves to each other and others.  They always handled themselves respectfully and if they noticed anything the other could improve on they always mentioned adjustments as suggestions, but what I enjoyed observing was how they always listened to each other.  I witness couples who have reached the point of where they just take each other for granted and are dismissive of one and other.  I have never witnessed that with my parents.

I remember mom pointing out that dad’s quiet nature meant that I should really listen to when he had something to say, because it’s the one’s who actually think who only speak when necessary… Not quite sure what this says about me, because I probably talk as much as I do think, which is a lot and I’m even overwhelming for myself sometimes.

When dad does speak, I do really listen.  I always have.  I might not have understood the magnitude of what he said at the moment, but what he has said to me always sticks and when I finally reach the point in my life where I’m ready to learn from that lesson it’s like there’s the automatic echo of his voice repeating what he had told, when he had told.

One of dad’s truisms that has been on constant repeat in my life is:

“Without Action, Words mean Nothing.  A person’s Actions always reveal who they really are” – William CC Chen

I think he told this to me from when I was in the womb, cause I can recall the echo of this from as far back as I can remember.

It is mind boggling how many people are such incredible performers, so you just have to give the generosity of time and like all fakes, they all fall apart and show you who they really are.

Fakes are not Fun, but life does reward you with the genuine ones, once you’ve learned how to appreciate what is genuine, right.

This past year has been an incredible period of great timing and focus and hard-work.  Not because the work is hard, but because I’ve finally reached a point in my life, where things are worth working hard for.  The relief of getting rid of what made work so damn hard at times and finally stepping into what is worth every single breath of mine has made the desire to work hard the easiest kind of work in my life.  I couldn’t be happier or feel more grounded than I do now.  There’s nothing like reaching that point in your life where you know you are doing the right things and all it took was having the strength to get rid of all the really bad things.  It’s funny that you sometimes can’t see how bad your life is until you have the fortitude to get rid of the things that are making your life bad.  It’s scarier than most know, but I don’t know why, I guess you just have to really be ready for something better for yourself and know you deserve better than what is keeping you sad, miserable and exhausted.  We can only stay strong for so long, but is staying strong about allowing people to mistreat you, use you and manipulate you?  NO.  Be strong enough to learn the lesson that keeps repeating itself and become stronger and walk away from a lesson stuck on repeat.  When somebody shows you their true colors, don’t try and paint them another shade, shade is shade, no matter what the shade, move to the light.

I think planning dad’s bday this year has made me reflect on so much.

I actually do know the reason why I am so bad with numbers too.

When I was in grade school one of my teachers, one of the biggest idiot I have ever known decided to scare the shit out of all of us by telling us our parents are going to get older and eventually die.  I even remember the manner in which the teacher said it and being older, I know she was just a very nasty person, much like most of the people out there now days and she was working through her own personal garbage by traumatizing the kids in her class. It worked, I cried for a bout a week and the first outburst I had I remember mom asking me why I was crying and a grabbed her and said in my tiny little voice “I don’t want you or daddy to die”.  My mom was in a bit of shock and tried her best to calm me down by saying it wouldn’t happen for a really longtime until she and dad were very old…

The instant I heard the word “OLD” used that way I never quite liked that use of numbers, so from that moment on I chose to ignore birthdays and dismiss the idea of asking anyone’s age.  Cause age is just a number and no matter what, the people I love will live forever.

Have you seen my dad work the heavy bag?  Another thing that makes numbers, just  nonsense to me.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!  One day I hope to be as young as you.

The Flu? A few helpful All Natural Solutions, cause I just had it and surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad, but it wasn’t any good either.


So I am one of those people who is NOT a fan of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine chooses to always treat the symptom, rather than the cause of the symptom.  Doing this to the body creates internal confusion and causes more harm to your health than good.

I had the flu, there is still some fatigue I am getting through, but I beat the worst part of it, mostly naturally, because I DO NOT believe in taking things to lower the temperature my body needs to fight the virus in my system.  Lowering my body’s temperature only aids the viruses survival.

This flu hit me bad in my respiratory system.  I had a cough that was easily remedied with herbs and and essential oils, although I will admit to having taken NyQuil just in the evening 3 times, just to be able to fall asleep.

I steamed constantly with herbs and essential oils, I always had my hotpot on next to me and would add 3-4 drops mostly of my blend of Ravintsara and Ravensara.  I kept the steam going to keep the air, not only clean, but “medicated” with the power of mother nature with essential oils and herbs.  I changed out the herbs 6 times a day and added a couple of drops of two blends that I made.

For those of you who don’t know what Ravintsara or Ravensara are, they are incredible for any colds or serious bouts of influenza.

Medicating with herbs and essential oils kept me from feeling foggy, even though my temperature hit 102!!!

I haven’t been sick in years, so it was actually kind of fun to put all this skinfood knowlegde to use when it came to being sick.  My Green Tea Butter saved my skin and enhanced my immune system which I also added my Amla Serum too, because of it’s rich Vitamin C content.   I applied the Butter and Tea regularly to my armpits and soles of my feet, especially before I got in a hot bath, which I always added ginger and Magnesium Chloride to also.

What are Skinfoods and how do I use them?


Lately I’ve been getting these two questions several time times, daily.  Which means I have to update my website to answer the lingering questions about my healthy lifestyle and how I choose to share it all, literally.

What are Skinfoods?

Skinfoods are not an invention or creation of mine.

Skinfoods are what Skincare used to be and is actually meant to be, after you remove the fillers and parabens.  That’s all.

I looked at skincare and couldn’t quite understand how this stuff worked, I read all the promises these formulas boast, but more often than not I would end up having endless reactions and couldn’t tolerate the heavy, carcinogenic perfumes which would not only make my eyes water and skin itch, they would give me headaches and the most dreaded of all headaches, the migraine, which can also be brought about by certain kinds of company I have since chosen to eliminate from my lifestyle all together too.

My skinfoods are merely recipes I have come up with after years of growing up with this kind of homegrown knowledge, enhanced and enriched by my lifestyle as an athlete obsessed with health and nutrition.

People are always in search of some magic formula, created by synthetic means, without realizing how incredible actual Organic nutrition is for the health and performance of our bodies.  There is one rule that was always reinforced over my lifetime of experience as an athlete and it is that the body only recognizes organic nutrition, which is why we need to eat organic.  Anything and everything else breaks down our body’s organic systems, creating cancers, diseases and a irreparable break downs of our organically powerfully systems.

After damaging my skin from years of vaseline and abolene used in boxing gyms, I tried healing my skin with conventional skincare.  It made everything worse, but I always noticed all the magical healing ingredients, advertised to actually be foods, in the forms of oils, butters and essential oils.  This spurred my curiosity and after not too much figuring out, all I did was read the listed ingredients I realized that skincare to actually be potions of toxins, with skinfoods added in.  How much sense does it make to use Organic Skinfoods that are combined with actual Poisons, Parabens which when you research them, all primarily cause toxicity of the reproductive organs?  These ingredients are in all of Johnson & Johnson’s products for babies and are used excessively in all Skincare Products available for exorbitant prices at the swipe of your credit card, which so many of so willingly hand over with the hope that something marketing structured for our reading to perhaps honestly seduce us, just this one time. Unfortunately, skincare is much like healthcare, they create customers, not healthy people.

Luckily, I figured out how to fix this problem and it’s done small batch and fresh and provided by my own Organic Skinfood Line called CHEN-Skinhealth.

Skinfoods are just Skincare with the Toxins and Toxic Fillers removed.  This is actual nutrition you apply to your body because, 60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  Why?  Your body believes everything you give to it to be nutrition, so it takes what you give to you and shares it with all the cells in your body by depositing the nutrients into your bloodstream.

I cannot take vitamins or supplements.  I break out in eczema every single time I’ve tried to supplement my diet outside of eating organic foods.  With the soil becoming so mineral depleted we have to find ways of making sure we acquire enough minerals.  The only healthy way I can get my needed requirement of vitamins and minerals to stay at my optimum health is to absorb them through my skin foods.  Absorption is another effective way of taking in nutrition and without having access to the Amalfi Coastline regularly I make my own coastline in the comfort of my own bathtub.  Getting clean is also about nourishment.  Nourishing your body is also how your body detoxes itself.

How do you use skinfoods?

You use them almost the same way you would skincare, but you use much less, because skinfoods are filler free and because this is nutrition, depending on what your deficiencies may be, you may gravitate towards particular skinfoods.  There are also all different kinds of the same Vitamin, for instance, Vitamin C.  It comes from many different food sources and should be consumed on a wide spectrum. So, I always rotate my skinfoods and I mix them too.  I notice that during the summer my body gravitates towards the serums and during the winter months I prefer to always finish my routine with a layer of one of my butters.  Sometimes I get really into one particular product and I use it steadily for no more than two weeks, not because two weeks is the limit, but because I my body gets bored of it and I switch to a different product.

During change of seasons I notice I have this habit of using a different serum and/or butter ever single time I feel the need to feed my skin and I become addicted to my sprays, which I also rotate with each use.  I feel this gives my body a blast of nutrition and I just feel really energized and I get addicted to checking the glowing response from my skin in the mirror.

I do enjoy using my sprays and/or toners before apply my serums and/or butter because of my understanding of the chemistry of how the products work together.  Both the sprays and toners all are aloe based with MSM and Vitamin C.  Aloe gets absorbed much faster than water into the skin, acting as a perfect food delivery system and MSM is a sulfur necessary for collagen production and the health maintenance of existing collagen which also preps the skin for absorbing nutrients most efficiently.  Because of the chemistry of these foods, this is why I use them in this order.  The toners all also have Hyaluronic Acid which is just another skinfood magic for keeping our skin youthful and healthy.

I’ve gotten questions about what to use on the eye area.  This again is about personal preference.  Since my serums are lighter, I would recommend these for the eye area, but I’ve also used my Green Tea Butter after and during long flights with incredible results.  Imagine using Flight Time as a beauty treatment?  Here’s a secret about my toners, the hyaluronic acid works wonders for the eye area, keep in the fridge and apply cold to get not just beautiful results, but also a refreshing, invigorating feeling.  When using my toners with Hyaluronic Acid you won’t see results for about 2-3 weeks because this is about nutritionally enhancing your body and this takes time, but the results are always more beautiful than anyone ever expects.  My gay husband complained that it made him too beautiful, lol.

Basically with skinfoods, it’s easy, just use them and as you detox from skincare your body will start to “speak” to you and once you learn to listen your body with ask for particular skinfoods it needs.

Any other questions, please ask, thats what I’m here for.

“Always go from your Heart” – William CC Chen


I’ve heard dad say this in so many ways throughout my life.

All throughout my life, hearing this almost always meant something different, because of how my understanding of my own self has always evolved, even now, as an, almost adult, this phrase means so many different different things, but in the same way.

As a kid, it was so hard to understand what this thing called “feeling” is.  As you get older this thing called “feeling”, or rather, these things called “feelings” mean so much more and effect us in so many different ways.

Feelings, they have the power to almost create an instant physical cure of almost any ailment or they can also create an instant physical illness, stemming from heartache.

The Heart.  Dad has spoken about it in the physical and metaphysical sense, but of course dad shares his love affair with the metaphysical aspect, because it is the metaphysical that is unexplainable, except, for what you feel.  What you feel is unique only to you and no matter how you try to explain it or share it’s feeling through words, we are always brought back to the language of “feeling” that can only really be experienced and shared through the beauty of all things art.  Sometimes beauty is ugly too.  To see the ugly in people is life’s gift, showing you who to eliminate.

We are all unique beings with unique relationships, which all stem from the unique quality of our heart.

I must share that it was hard for me to understand dad’s concept of feeling, associated with movement for a very long time.  My mind was too simple, too linear, I needed the experiences of life through hard-work and pain.  The discovery of passion, in many different ways.  The discovery of pain, through the mechanism of betrayal. The learning of hurt caused by this thing we call love.  The love of power, through the actual physical connection of my own body, William CC Chen’s Body Mechanics.  The desire for happiness because of the relationships outside of my own love for my own family almost always leading to constant disappointment and heartbreaks of many types.

Basically, I had to learn feeling in a broader range outside of happiness and the feeling of safety created by those who love you, to learn the true meaning and the honest power that comes from always being true to your own heart and the strength of building from all kinds of pain.

Now, this isn’t some sad love story at all.  This is just a realism that is life.

“Always go from your heart”

Is also about knowing how to be good to your heart.  Understanding limits and boundaries that you have to set for people, because, human nature has become so unnaturally artificial in so many ways.

As I write this I am also experiencing the boundaries technology enjoys pushing with autocorrect, which I’ve never asked to correct.  We’ve even programmed our technology to think for us, the way people love to think for others, or rather, what they think they can manipulate, to manipulate our thinking… It’s as though people have become conditioned to “autocorrect” to always meet the terms of their own selfishly furnished environment.  It’s like sparring with a person who keeps turning to run and then they point the finger of blame at you for hitting them on the back of the head.  How on earth can we keep up with anything nowadays with all of the advances made in the manipulations of the honesty that is meant to be portrayed through feelings?

Wow, Feelings… I seem to have gone off on a slightly therapeutic rant ; P

Back to Body Mechanics and Feelings.

Throughout the years dad would always bend over backwards to describe technique in every which way that wasn’t physical, but the more he told me not to be physical, the more confused I would always become.  How on earth could I NOT be physical if I was moving with my physical being?  None of it made sense to me at the beginning.

As time would inevitably go by, dad would patiently repeat himself in every which way he could possibly imagine and what started to speak to me above all else was the incredibly strong feeling of LOVE I always felt from him and the how the intensity of that love would drive him to never give up on everything, I still couldn’t fully understand.  Little by little though, the desire to want to understand my father would make me train harder and more on my own.  I would find myself drifting back to memories of my days spent figure skating and learning the new tricks that always kept me endlessly intrigued.  If I saw something I wanted to learn, my feelings, my desire would drive me beyond the limits my coaches would set for me, because nothing could stop this thing called feeling inside of me.  After-all, I am First and Foremost, my Father’s Daughter.

This thing called feeling, it’s also what gets us in trouble sometimes, especially as a kid, in much need of learning how respectfully, respect boundaries and limits.  Some people NEVER learn this.  Greed is their choice and to them, Generosity is only an option they so willingly take advantage of, from others.  In the game of Tai Chi though the Greedy never Prosper, because with Tai Chi, you have to be willing to give of yourself, in order to learn about yourself.

This is the part that made learning a bit hard for me when I was younger.  I was kid.  Kids are taking in everything and for the most part, in good homes, given everything, all we had to do was ask.  You don’t understand feelings until you start to respect boundaries and you don’t understand boundaries until you have learned from your life lessons.  Although, I did meet up with my bestest gal from Junior High School and it warmed me to the core when she said she remembered that I was always trying to do nice things for other people.  This has got to be one of my top 3 compliments of my life at the moment, it just made me feel so good.

In so many ways, Dad’s quote:

“Always go from your heart”

Translates in so many meaningful ways as I get a chance to evolve in this life.

Without the essence of the Heart, there is no feeling for life.

How do you feel about your life?

If you’re hungry, EAT… If you’re thirsty, DRINK… If you feel tired, REST… Start learning how to Listen to yourself, it begins with this thing called Feeling, not Thinking.

Group Run 2.JPG

I’ll admit, I enjoy looking at my activity tracker on my iPhone, it’s fun to see how “active I am in a day”, there’s just something rewarding about seeing how many steps you took and there’s also something encouraging about seeing when you don’t accomplish as many steps as you have on other days.

We are all born with these things called feelings.  This thing called feelings that so many of try to suppress for all sorts of reasons and in all kinds of crazy ways.  The thing about feelings, they are your inner truth and you cannot lie, hide or avoid your truth, doing so will only drive into madness and/or stupidity.

There is a distinct difference between ignorance and stupidity.

Stupidity has to do with actual conscious act of trying to deceive the truth.

Ignorance is just a lacking of knowledge, although people will distort it’s meaning to sound as an insult, we all lack knowledge, which where the thirst for life and living is constantly renewed through actual learning and the immeasurable joy that comes with the lifetime acquisition of knowledge.

Intelligence is something we all possess, in different ways, which also makes us all the same.  We all have a unique intelligence and this goes back to our Organic Nature.  Nature intended us all to be different, because diversity is what strengthens. To stay the same is the anti-nature and even nature shows the weakness in this flaw when it comes to inbreeding.  We are meant to travel outside of ourselves to strengthen and discover our own unique self.  We are created feeling beings.

Feeling supersedes Intelligence and nature proves this over and over again.

Feeling creates the ability to adapt because it is the only way to remain constantly present.

Your state of Presence is an indication of your Healthy State.

Presence is the glue which fuses the Mind/Body/Soul, keeping you in your most Powerful State.  Without a constant awareness of where you are, you can’t know who you are.  Presence births the ability to adapt and adjust, according to the needs of your healthy balance and nobody knows you or your needs better than you.

If you’re hungry, eat.

If you’re thirsty, drink.

If you’re tired, rest.

Learn to listen to yourself.

Health and Balance have ZERO to do with elements outside of you, telling you when to eat and when to drink.

All the Apps in the world cannot replace your most Intriguing App of all, your Mind which automatically engages the Hardware of your Brain to function with the Machinery of your body.

Hunger, Thirst and Rest are Feelings your body speak to you and rather than telling your body what it needs and when, you should learn to Listen to when the needs of your body speak to you.

How do we do this?

It’s very easy, you take it one step at a time and you SHOULD NOT overwhelm yourself with “healthy” habits that are too unrealistic to achieve.  Take baby steps, learn about yourself and educate yourself.

Begin by Eliminating Processed foods and Drinks.  Just start by doing this gradually.  You will notice that you will begin to feel different immediately.  Introduce one new healthy food habit each week and stick to it.  Any sugary drinks, replace with just water or tea.  You will amazed at the change you feel from just doing that.

The problem is, so many of us have created Addictions which have replaced our understanding of Feelings.

Begin living healthier by doing a simple detox, which just requires the elimination of processed foods.  That’s all, nothing crazy like a liquid cleanse or enemas needed at all.  Just get rid of the poison that you give to your body and listen to how your Feelings change.

Never forget, we are meant to nourish through how are feelings speak to us, not what we are told to do healthier for our body.

Your Health begins and ends with You.

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