This is a simple Breakdown of my Skinfoods.  Beneath this Menu Option is a more comprehensive list, including Ingredients and Instructions. To order, I suggest copying this list and pasting into your email and delete the items you don’t want as you scroll through.  Please don’t forget to include the size you want.

To Order Click Here.  I invoice via PayPal and once your payment is received your order ships immediately.  Packages usually ship Priority, unless, otherwise, specified.

Skinfoods are Filler Free and Paraben Free products

These are the actual active ingredients of Skincare, Completely Unadulterated.

For every ounce of Skinfoods you buy, you are actually getting what would be in at least 10 Full Size 10oz Bottles in the Drugstore or Department Store.


You should never feel the weight of Skinfoods, but as you detox from Skincare you will begin to feel your products in a different way.

Your body will literally drink it in and it will feel nourishing, this is the best way to describe it.

You will go through an adjustment process when learning how to use such a tiny amount of product, that goes all the way and then some.

You should never have a greasy feel or finish with Skinfoods.  Only apply what your body readily absorbs, applying extra will actually just cause your body to block absorption of excess product.

This is actual nutrition and your body is only capable of actually processing a certain amount of nutrients at a time.

This will also vary with your body’s nutritional needs.

What I find really unique, is that Skinfoods create a “listening” environment within your own body.

This is what nutrition does, it creates the ability for you to constantly balance your health needs because you will develop a sensitivity of feeling once you detox your body from the Toxins of Skincare.

Tai Chi Chuan makes you friends with yourself and Skinfoods creates a better relationship within that friendship.

Welcome to CHEN-Skinhealth!

The Cleansers

Cleansers – Cleansing Serum & Cleansing Cream

Cleansing Serum, $20/2oz, $30/4oz, Bespoke $120/8oz

Cleansing Cream, $20/2oz, $30/4oz, Bespoke $120/8oz


The Sprays, Moisturize and Tone

Sprays – Prep, Refresh, Repair, Anti-Aging, Prime & Set

Everything Spray    $20/2oz    $30/4oz    $50/8oz    Bespoke $60/8oz

Everything’s Roses    $20/2oz    $30/4oz     $50/8oz

The Serums

Serums , Anti-Aging, Youth Fortifying

Amla    $25/1oz    $40/2oz    $50/4oz

CoQ10, The Serum    $30/1oz    $45/2oz    $60/4oz

The SPF Serum    $30/1oz    $45/2oz    $60/4oz

Bespoke Serums $150/4oz

The Butters

Butter, (Face/Body/Hair) – Anti-Aging , Protect, Clarify

Green Tea Butter, $30/2oz, $50/4oz, $70/8oz

NEW AntiAging Treatment!!! Liquefying Black Butter, $30/1oz, $50/2oz, $150/8oz

Bespoke Butters, $150, 6oz

The Everything Tea, Detoxing Cleanser & Treatment

Detoxifying and Sanitizing Shampoo/Conditioning Body Cleanser 

Everything Tea, $25/10 oz, Bespoke, $125/40 oz


The Treatments


Eraser (dark spots an uneven skintone)    Roller Ball Applicator, $25/.33oz

Unwrinkle, (also works for acne)    Roller Ball Applicator, $25/.33oz

Herbal Polish (Raw Honey/Diatomaceous & Custom Blended Detoxing Herbal Exfoliant) Bespoke Only, $150/6oz

Hair to Stay (for thinning and falling hair)    $30/1oz    $40/2oz

BooBoo Grease, $30/4oz

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