DiatAmlaFrankincense HealthPaste

DiatAmlaFrankinense HealthPaste, 4.5oz, $30 S/H, $10


DiatAmlaFrankincense, HealthPaste, For Teeth

*Flouride Free, Detergent Free, Paraben Free, Filler Free

HealthPaste, For Teeth – Whiten/Detoxify Your Body/Boost Immune System Health/Cleanse Breath/Kills Bacteria/Kills Viruses/Heals Gums/Tightens Gum/Remineralizes Teeth/Heals Teeth/Enhances Whole System Health

Ingredients:  Bentonite Clay, Banslochan, Diatomaceous Earth, MSM,VitC, Food Grade Activated Charcoal, Amla, Lemon, Frankincense Powder, Sesame, Coconut, Menthol, Neem, Myrrh, Clove, Peppermint(Spearmint), Lemon EO

Directions, Teeth:  Apply only half a pearl size with wooden spatula, brush.  Add water as you brush to activate detoxification. Rinse.

Directions, Pimples:  This isn’t a myth, just read the ingredients.  This paste works to zap pimples. Just apply to break-out and leave on overnight, or for as long as possible.

Directions, Refreshing Exfoliant:  Apply to clean, wet skin.  Massage in circular motions, rinse.  Stimulates Collagen Production. Keeps existing Collagen Healthy. Detoxes Skin. Refreshes. Tightens.  Tones and Lifts.  Keep away from eyes.  Follow with Toner, Serum and Butter.



Why the Funny Name?


Diatomaceous Earth, this is powder created from the fossils of Diatoms. Diatoms are fossilized exoskeletons of hard shelled algae and is made up of 80% silica. When mixed with water it develops a negative charge, pulling pathogens (germs) out of your body, which are positively charged. This includes the bacteria hiding between your teeth and in your gum line.

Amla , Indian Gooseberry, extremely high in Vitamin C, boosts Immune System Health. Helps the body flush out toxins and cools your internal body system. Good for the eyes, muscle tone and is a powerful antioxidant.

Frankincense, antiseptic and treats gum disease, tooth infections and prevents infections. Disinfectant that treats Plaque and Receding Gums.

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