A sampling of CHEN’s Skinfoods that every athlete needs.

Everything Tea is not just my Detoxing Shampoo/Conditioner/Bodywash, all-in-one solution.  It is also a restorative, detoxing and fully sanitizing bath and/or foot soak.  The blend of minerals and herbs work to repair damaged skin and bones while enhancing your Immune System with its own unique arsenal of vitamins and minerals.

Green Tea Butter is naturally enhanced with anti-inflammatory skinfoods which help heal and repair skin and muscles. Its the best post workout rubdown that just happens to be naturally antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal.  Immune System boosting nutrients helps guard you against colds and flus.

BooBoo Grease my all natural alternative which replaces the need for toxic Bengay and Hydrocortisone creams.  For everything from skin abrasions to achy muscles, itchy rashes and bruises.  Just apply as needed.

The Powder w/Frankincense, Talcum free to stay dry while moisturizing and sanitizing your skin’s surface, naturally.  Enhanced with the Immune System Benefits of Frankincense Powder.  Another unique product, only by CHEN!


(2) Everything Tea, Full Size, 20oz ($50 value) (1) Green Tea Butter, Full Size, 4oz ($50 value) (1) BooBoo Grease, Full Size, 4oz ($30 value) (2) The Powder w/Frankincense, Full Size, 4 oz ($20 value)


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