This is Immune System Enhancement, beyond Beauty, where Beauty just happens to become the Side Effect of Enhanced Health.

60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  Your body does this, because it believes that anything You give to You is Organic Nutrition.  Once in your blood, your heart now pumps the nutrients it has absorbed from your skin, to every single cell in your body.

Our Skin is also Acidic.  Soap is Alkaline.  Soap destroys our skin is the Number 1 cause for Premature Aging and what we commonly know as Skin Conditions.  Our Skin’s Condition should alway be Normal, otherwise we have an actual Health Problem.

As an extension of my lifetime, born, raised and lived in Health and Wellness I needed to create something for our Skin with same approach I used for what I mindfully and organically put in my body.

CHEN-Skinhealth is 15 years of Skinfoods that I can now share with you.

Invest in your skin, it is the first thing that represents you for your whole entire life.


The Powerhouse, A Tasting of all of CHEN’s Serums. AntiAging and your Skin Condition’s Solution for Healthy, Normal Skin

(1) Cleansing Serum *Cleanse, Shave, Make-up Remover, Pore Clarifying, AntiAging (1) Pracaxi Serum *Brighten and Healing for ALL Skin Conditions (1) Amla Serum *Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C. Tones & Tightens (1) CoQ10, The Serum *Protection from Environmental Radiation. Energizes Skin and Stimulates Collagen Production (1) The SPF Serum *All Natural SPF Protection. Enhance's Skin's Natural Protection against the Sun. (1) Amla Serum (1) CoQ10 Serum (1) The SPF Serum




Scalp & Hair Restoration Kit

(1) Everything Tea (4) Hair to Stay (1) Hairspray (Holiday Special 4oz instead of regular 2oz) and an all natural way to prevent LICE.




Everything Tea Package

(1) Everything Tea, Full Size (4) Hair to Stay, Full Sample Size (4) CoQ10, Full Sample Size Stop hair from falling out and stimulate hair growth with the ultimate hair duo Everything Tea & Hair To Stay. CoQ10, The Serum is included for the rest of your body’s after cleansing needs and protection from the Environmental Influenza of this day and age of Wireless Technology and WiFi that seems to work everywhere, but my apartment.



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