This is Immune System Enhancement, beyond Beauty, where Beauty just happens to become the Side Effect of Enhanced Health.

60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  Your body does this, because it believes that anything You give to You is Organic Nutrition.  Once in your blood, your heart now pumps the nutrients it has absorbed from your skin, to every single cell in your body.

This is just the body’s natural way of healing, repairing and beautifying itself. Are you nourishing your body with Organic Nutrients?

Our Skin is also Acidic.  Soap is Alkaline.  Soap destroys our skin is the Number 1 cause for Premature Aging and what we commonly know as Skin Conditions.  Our Skin’s Condition should alway be Normal, otherwise we have an actual Health Problem.

Soap should be used sparingly on our bodies, why do you think our hands always appear to age before the rest of us?  Now we also have toxic Hand Sanitizers to blame.

As an extension of my lifetime, born, raised and lived in Health and Wellness I needed to create something for our Skin with same approach I used for what I mindfully and organically put in my body.

CHEN-Skinhealth is 15 years of Skinfoods that I can now share with you.



For Her – The Starter Kit

(1) Everything Tea (The only Detoxing Shampoo/Conditioner/Bodywash in a dry Herb Blend you activate with water, just One Step and Done), Full Size, 5oz (1) Cleansing Serum (Excellent for Shaving, Eliminates Razor Bumps, Rejuvenates Skin), 2oz (4) The Lift, Oil Free, AntiAging Gel Moisturizer, Stimulates Collagen Production, Enhances Health of Existing Collagen, Multi Beauty Treatment and Skinfood Enhancer, Sample Sizes (1) The SPF Serum, Roller Ball Applicator, .25oz (1) Green Tea Butter, Protective Barrier, Healing, AntiAging, Full Sample Size (1) Immune System Enhancing, Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Full Sample Size *Ships Priority, unless, otherwise requested



The Protection Kit, Protection from Environmental Radiation

Men/Women/Family (2) The SPF Serum, Full Sample Roller (1) CoQ10, The Serum, Full Sample Size, 1oz Enhance your Immune System beyond Protection from just Germs. This is taking the steps necessary to protect you and your family from the Influenza of Technology. *Ships Priority, unless Otherwise, Requested







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