A convenient way to begin Restoring your Skin’s Acid Mantle and to Enhance your Family’s Immune System with Organic Skinfoods.

Everything you put on and into your body, your body receives as Nutrition.

When certain inorganic scents give you a headache, even when initially smell pleasant, that is because your body has now picked up on the artificial chemicals in the scent.  Smell is also a method of receiving nutrition into your body, which is why Aromatherapy has become so popular.

60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 Seconds.  Why?  Again, your body thinks everything you choose to give to you is nutrition.  Your body absorbs 60% of what you put on you, into your bloodstream so that it can now share the nutrition you have just applied topically with every single cell in your body.  Just let that sink in for a minute…

Skin foods beautify your physical body, because this is 100% Organic Nutrition that you are giving to your body.  Skincare contains minute amount of skinfoods, but skincare has added fillers and parabens to maximize profit while severely tainting their products with toxins and compromising the health of everyone who uses it.  CHEN’s Skinfoods are 100% pure nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you are nourishing your Immune System with, everyday for Enhanced Health, which always results in enhanced physical beauty.

Your Skin is your body’s first line of Immune System Response.

Your body only recognizes Organic Nutrition because we are created Organic Beings, this is just the way Nature intended us to be.

Only Organic Life Forces can nourish Organic Life Forces.

The Family Kit

A convenient way to try out going Soap Free and Paraben Free from Head to Toe! (1) Cleansing Serum, 4oz (1) Everything Tea, Full Size, 10oz (1) Green Tea Butter, 4oz ($50 value) (1) The Powder w/Frankincense, Full Size, 2oz (1) BooBoo Grease, 1oz (1) The SPF Serum, 2oz (1) CoQ10 Serum, 2oz (1) Everything’s Roses, 2oz


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