The basis for many health problems, injuries and stress related issues is the inability to Mindfully Practice Presence.

In today’s society we are either caught up in yesterday or worried about tomorrow, stealing away our Time, because the commodity of Time only exists in the Present Moment.

The absence of Practicing Presence is you, stealing your most precious commodity, Time.

We don’t get Time back and we can’t make Time up.

The only way we can Practice Presence is to Practicing the Art of Feeling.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Art of Feeling.

Why do we love The Arts?  Because Art makes us Feel.

Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise that is as economical as it is generous because it is about how you channel your own ability to enjoy the moments You are practicing with You in, because it really does make you feel so good.

The precision of the movement is gauged by your own coordination of breath which is the catalyst for your Internal Energy Flow, which births a weightless movement, constantly creating its own depth of synergy according to your ability to “let go”.

Letting Go is You, trusting You, it’s YOU, becoming friends with YOU.

Flow is only achieved when you begin living in your Practiced Presence.






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