My experience with getting to work with the Chronologically Advanced is that this particular group of people have overly developed very, very strong minds.

This didn’t happen overnight, this is years of programming, self created and often times aided by how we tend to treat the more advanced in age.

This society often confuses inactivity with preservation and the desire to overuse the mind to override what the body tries to speak to you with feeling.

With age we naturally develop “caution”, so we do things with premeditated thought that sometimes goes against being cautions and creates the action of paranoia.

As people age in American society, too many become less active.  This causes atrophy, degeneration and slowing down of the whole body system which is by nature, is meant to be active.

The body likes to work, working keeps us youthful.

The Tai Chi Method reconnects my students with their bodies.

Utilizing the slow steady movements creates a “safe” kind of environment, allow for the needed confidence of the student.

Incorporating additional exercises with familiar movement helps ease the Advanced in Age to build a kind of trust with me and with themselves.

It is important to always aid learning with a touch of the familiar.

The incredible thing about Tai Chi Chuan, it relates to everything, making everything relatable to The Tai Chi Method.

My approach always begins with getting my students to find their rooted base.

Once we establish the feeling and security of the rooted base, we move into the feeling of energy flow which is movement, guided by the natural mechanism of the breathe, which is about releasing and letting go.

The power of The Tai Chi Method is in the ability to release, it is only when we are able to release that we can listen and guided by our Internal Energy Flow.

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