The Powerhouse, A Tasting of all of CHEN’s Serums. AntiAging and your Skin Condition’s Solution for Healthy, Normal Skin

(1) Cleansing Serum *Cleanse, Shave, Make-up Remover, Pore Clarifying, AntiAging (1) Pracaxi Serum *Brighten and Healing for ALL Skin Conditions (1) Amla Serum *Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C. Tones & Tightens (1) CoQ10, The Serum *Protection from Environmental Radiation. Energizes Skin and Stimulates Collagen Production (1) The SPF Serum *All Natural SPF Protection. Enhance's Skin's Natural Protection against the Sun. (1) Amla Serum (1) CoQ10 Serum (1) The SPF Serum


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