Active Lifestyles often contribute to not much “ME” time.

“Me” time is time you nourish yourself with.

Being active is healthy, but being active also requires balance and awareness of the need to just take a moment and focus on you.

It’s like hitting the “Pause” button.

The Tai Chi Method is an mechanism for those with Active Lifestyles to stay balance, so that you can recalibrate yourself internally and avoid burning out.

I find that clients with Active Lifestyles enjoy varying our classroom day to day because their everyday can be so drastically different.

Sometimes it is also the same of each day that necessitate the need for changing it up in the classroom with me regularly.

Depending on my clients physical needs and interests we enjoy a variety of fitness routines incorporating The Tai Chi Method’s, Tai Chi Principles of Internal Energy Flow.

It’s rarely ever the same day twice, but it is always exciting.


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