Working with athletes is like working with myself, during the different stages of my athletic career.

The Tai Chi Method for athletes is an incredible tool for learning about how to increase, control and slow down Internal Energy Flow.

This is where the intrigues of the mind can really come into an interesting play too.

One thing I find unique with The Tai Chi Method for athletes is that it can be used as a warm-up, cool-down and pick-me-up.

Most importantly, Tai Chi Chuan HEALS the body, increasing blood flow, by stimulating and enhancing circulation.

The Tai Chi Method is an Adaptogen for your health needs which is all rooted in your own Unique Internal Energy Flow.

So how does The Tai Chi Method work as an Adaptogen, you utilize, just by doing it?

For starters it is Practiced Presence.

It is only when your body and mind are existing in its Present State that your body knows where it is and what it needs.

This allows for healing response, instead of being stressed by an overreactive state, something that has seemed to become the norm nowadays.

The movements, following your breath, originating from your rooted foundation creates an Internal Energy Flow bringing you into the Present and depending on you experience, keeps you there, through the established flow of “feeling” you achieve.

The ability to quiet the mind through the onslaught of feeling that flows, driven by your internal energy flow creates an internal awareness within yourself.

This awareness of self, Presence, is what allows the body to balance its health needs to reach homeostasis through your own internal language of feeling, listening.

It’s not so much about the idea of relaxation and the Americanization of it being about nothingness.

Relaxation practiced via The Tai Chi Method opens energy blockages which improve circulation, enhancing your internal language of listening so that you can feel balanced through flow.

Being returned to a “feeling” state is necessary for athletes to be able to understand their physical state.

An athlete’s physical state is usually manipulated by the mental need and drive for more, it’s just in our DNA.

The Tai Chi Method is a necessity for athletes to respectfully understand their limits and boundaries.

The rooted foundation of movement stimulated through an Internal Energy Flow speaks to the athlete in a way more intimate that can even be explained.

It is necessary and important for Athletes to learn this language of self to be able to push boundaries while also protecting and respecting their own limits.

Being an Athlete is a tough job.

The drive is always for more, but its how we balance “more” with a bit of “less” that can either make us reach greater greatness or approach our breaking point.

Until you always strive to learn about you better, you cannot excel as an Athlete.

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