My experience when working with the more Life Experienced individuals is that they have over trained their minds and underutilized bodies.

They have spent years avoiding too much “physical exertion” in an attempt to try and preserve themselves from “wearing themselves out” or from possibly causing unnecessary injuries.

What ends up happening is that the Chronologically Advanced in our American society either see inactivity as self preservation, or, they practice pushing themselves too hard and too long.  This is where injuries happen.

In their effort to either preserve or maintain their health they overstimulate the power of their minds closing off their ability to listen to themselves.

It’s almost as though they feel listening to themselves is admitting that getting older will in fact make them old.

This overuse of the mind creates a disconnect from the physical body.

It is the Mind/Body connection that is the catalyst for the body’s internal language of feeling.

The Tai Chi Method works with the Tai Chi movements, incorporated with additional exercises to help reestablish the Genesis of Feeling.

I incorporate what is familiar and comfortable to my client into our Tai Chi routine.

Slowly I introduce movement to help correct the habits that have created imbalance, educating to restore my students confidence and knowledge of themselves.

If you programmed yourself the wrong way, all you need is a little perspective to help reprogram yourself back to your correct way.

I just provide a little bit of guidance to help get my students back to where they want to be.

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