Tai Chi Chuan is one of the most adaptable resources for Rehab and Recovery.

Each person is entirely unique from head to toe.

You can’t treat any client the same as another.

When embarking on this kind of journey our first few sessions is always about feeling out my client and of course, my client getting an opportunity to feel me out.

What I often times discover is that 1 entire hour for a person beginning to get their health back is just too much time with me, especially if Tai Chi Chuan is completely new to them.

Be mindful of the fact that meeting a new person is already very draining and takes a lot of energy.

Understanding a new practice will take time and adjustment.

Having to do all of this while not being who you used to be is incredibly brave and scary.

It is always best to start with less time from the start and gradually build the time along with the relationship.

Let me give an example, Running a Full Marathon for the First Time…

Imagine being told you have to Run a Full Marathon, you can take breaks, but you have to complete the whole entire marathon?  The thought alone of having to complete this task on your first try is completely daunting.  Understanding that you can take breaks just adds to the stress of knowing, you are not done until you’re done and the breaks contribute to anxiety and the frustration of feeling that there is no end until the end.

None of us would ever commit to something this extreme, because we understand the need to build up our strength, so that the idea of a Full Marathon is no longer intimidating because we have taken the necessary action to familiarize ourselves with the task at hand.

Recovery is a Mind/Body relationship that needs to be rebuilt.  This takes time, trust and PATIENCE.

Patience with yourself. Patience with the process.

When embarking on a journey of recovery, be mindful of the need to take your time.

This is the greatest lesson you can learn about being Present.

Rushing only gets you nowhere fast.

Doing too much too soon not only creates an impossible process and whats worse, can cause injury.

Always remember this, nature never rushes, but everything always gets done.

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