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This is Tai Chi Chuan my way.

My goal has always been to Demystify TCC and teach it from an approachable, realistic, practical and most of all Fun Perspective.

We encourage our students to engage us in their learning process and it is the synergy we create as Teacher/Student that enhances the unique Art of Learning for us all.

This is Life Enhancement for everyone of all ages, all types of physical backgrounds, life styles and needs.

My client and their needs are what determines our approach to The Method of Tai Chi Chuan we apply.

The Tai Chi Method explores incorporating familiar forms of movement and exercise to help act as the translator for understanding the basis of the fluid movement of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan is in Everything and Everywhere.

We are Water in Human Forms.

The Tai Chi Method is a lifestyle and practicing Tai Chi Chuan is Your Lifestyle Enhancement tool for applying Flow, through Energy to Fuel Feeling which is Practiced Presence.

This is fitness that is Custom Built for You, created by “Us” and constantly evolving through our fitness journey together.

I apply Tai Chi Principles of Energy Flow to meet the Fitness goals of my students.

Whatever your fitness goals are, we can incorporate the necessary fitness tools for.

We can add Cardio, Resistance, Pad Work and Traditional “Road Work” to get some sweat into our sessions, but the focus of all our movement always stays rooted in the Tai Chi Method.

Meaning, proper form, initiated from establishing a solid root for the purpose of creating internal release necessary for Energy Flow which is the origins of all movement with The Tai Chi Method.

You will sweat from the pores as much as you will sweat from the soul.

Or, we can keep it more traditionally “Tai Chi”, but I will always mix it up with additional physical language too.

Fitness is an industry currently in its infancy.

The primary focus is about what we think looking healthy should look like.

Approaching health and fitness from such and external vantage point, ends up creating a mentality focused on vanity, not health.

Health and Fitness has always been part of the lifestyle of traditional cultures and the focus has always been on what is going on inside of you.

Health and Fitness in America is more about selfies and aesthetic appeal for the desire of attracting attention.

Attention is the fools idea of Respect and it is you giving those outside of you the power to make you think you feel good from getting their attention.

Learn to respect yourself and you’ll begin the healthiest fitness cycle by paying attention to you and your needs, so that you don’t depend and rely on others for the attention you think makes you feel good.

It all starts from inside and if it doesn’t, you’re beginning in the wrong place.

My life as an athlete has been my education and ever evolving mastery of myself and my overall approach to health, wellness and fitness.

Tai Chi Chuan is the lifestyle passed on to me, by my father that has always complimented my life as a business woman, friend, athlete and artist.

The Tai Chi Method is how I apply my extensive background and experience in athletics, training, competing and teaching in my classroom.

My goal is to have everybody understand that they already have everything they need to learn Tai Chi Chuan in a way that will enhance their physical and mental abilities beyond what they practice with me in the classroom.

I have students of all different ages and athletic abilities.

I work to bring out everyones inner-athlete with a language we develop together in my classroom with open communication and trust.

Everything is about discovering the right “feeling”.

“Feeling” is what I’ve trained to understand and achieve my whole entire life.

The technique is always studied by the eye and the skill is only developed through the discovery of achieving the right “feeling”.

My approach to Tai Chi Chuan is more about the demystification of this traditional art and teaching how Tai Chi Chuan and its Energy Flow can be found in anything, everywhere, but most importantly, it exists in each and every one of us.

Here’s an example of how you practice Internal Energy Flow, it’s called walking, let me break it down for you.

When you walk, it isn’t the leg that is physically moving that creates the forward momentum, it is the rooted leg that once planted, that establishes the basis for your energy flow, which you direct, through your free leg.

Your step has nothing to do with having to consciously lift your free leg, your free leg moves naturally from your internal energy flow, which flows from the base of your rooted leg, out towards the intended direction of your free leg.

There is no muscling in the nature movement, just flow.

Nature never rushes anything, yet everything gets done.

Welcome to my Lifestyle.

Tai Chi Chuan, the practice of presence in a world caught up in everything else.


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