Tai Chi Chuan, Grand Ultimate Fist is the direct translation of Tai Chi Chuan (TCC)

Yes, TCC is a Martial Art, it’s approach to teaching Martial Arts is just different.

Originally taught to the Elite of society, TCC, grasps at the Philosophies and Internal intrigues of Energy Flow.

What is Energy Flow? Put simply, it is about “Feeling”.

TCC is an art rooted in the subtleties of what can only be felt through feeling.

We are Water in Human Forms.

Guess what? TCC has absolutely nothing to do with moving slowly either.

To actually perform physically slow movements goes against Internal Energy Flow, in fact it is quite uncomfortable, stressful and starts to instigate a very aggravated feeling, it is the Anti-TCC.

So why does TCC look slow to most?

This is because it usually judged from the level of perception and perspective belonging to laymen eyes. Laymen eyes judge an internal art from an external perspective and of course you would describe seeing slow movements.

You know that rush of feeling you get when you get an incredible surprise?

The greater the feeling rushes through you, the more paralyzed you feel on a physical level, but you can feel it all, Internally.

This feeling, this is an Internal Energy Flood. Calmed down after a few deep breathes, it returns to flow.

Energy expands and Energy Grounds, or roots.  Energy never lies.

TCC is the practice of rooting your physical body, through internal release, helping initiate a physical full body release into your root, so that your Internal Energy now flows guided by your natural breath into physical expressions of what your Internal State is.

The TCC movements are initiated by your breath, your natural breath is the catalyst for your Internal Energy Flow.

As you take your initial breath in, feel it as a tool that breaks up your internal blockages, creating release. As you exhale, listen to allow the flow of that tension out of your body, stimulating a physical softening and rooting. Just let it all go.

Remember, your breath is the tool for internal release and energy flow.

Without a solid foundation, there is no Internal Energy Flow.

A solid foundation is always physically achieved through softening the knees and releasing the hip joints upon your exhale.

The Body Mechanics for this kind of movement is just simply what we all call “A Jump”.

When you jump, the body knows and understands the need for full body release, in order to create a solid base from the soles of your feet.

The solid base is established when the feet are flat footed, the pre-action before the action to jump is a momentary exaggerating of the bend in your hips, now moving your body weight into the front part of your feet, the big toe and ball of your foot, which are your trigger points for the jump.

The body can sense when you reach the weight shift just before your tipping point and explodes with it’s energy internally, launching you into a jump.

In TCC, we internalize the explosive energy, creating Internal Energy Flow, allowing a filling up and simultaneous release of our Internal Energy Flow into different postures. Movements coordinated to constantly recycle the release and the expansion of your own unique Internal Energy Flow.

TCC is about restoring your body’s natural way of moving, through the redevelopment of your ability to listen, allowing your body to respond naturally.



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